Guide to Finding Music Online


Are you frustrated because finding your favorite songs on the net has become
more of a chore than an enjoyable activity? Read this simple guide to
finding music online and your troubles will be out of mind before you
download your next Green Day hit!

MP3s are compressed music files that are one-tenth the size of regular audio
files. As a normal audio file requires about 40 megabytes to download, and
MP3 requires four. Although this is still a substantial number, it is much
more manageable for the average computer. Thus began the MP3 downloading,
sharing and trading craze. There are a variety of options when it comes to
playing your MP3s. Media Player comes with Windows, QuickTime 4 comes with
Macintosh, and Win amp is the industry standard product.

Music can be downloaded from websites or FTP sites. Websites are easier to
use. Songs download automatically when you click on the titles. Finding
good websites to download from is difficult. The sites that used to work
well now dabble in other venues. and usually only
contain independent, unknown bands that may be great, but if you’re looking
for the stuff you’ve heard of, you’ll be wasting your time. Audiofind now
carries radio stations instead of music files, and Music

Search requires a subscription.

Good websites to use are LycoMP3 Search,
MP3 Search on Altavista, MP3 Search at Astraweb, and MP3Bot Search Engine.
FTP sites usually require special software. Some free software options
include WS FTP and FTP Explorer. Oth Net (Kermit search) is a clean fast
way to download from FTP sites directly from the browser that works even
better than the software options.

In the wake of the Napster downfall, it has become mostly illegal to
download and share free music files on the web. Musicians are opposed to
the practice, and rightly so, because the free music sharing significantly
affects the commercial success of their CD sales in stores. Downloaders
tend to think musicians are being unfair by revoking the free music files
from the net, but one must remember that selling music is their career. It
is nearly impossible to find full albums on the web.

These days, musicians
will release a couple of new hits onto the net to try to entice the web
surfing crowd to wander into the music store and buy the full album.
Remember, if all else fails and you MUST have the MP3 of a song, there are
thousands of sites to which you can subscribe and pay for the downloads.

New bands are always willing to put their music out on the Internet in hopes
of getting heard, so free downloads are limitless if you are willing to lend
your ear to some new tunes.


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